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Performance Glass Works was started March of 2010 with the diligence of being the greatest provider of goods and services in the automotive and marine glass field.
PGW stands out from the competition because of the products it supplies, services it offers, the work ethic of our employees and management, and our deep-rooted belief in tithing. Instead of trying to just be the cheapest company, PGW wants to raise the standard of completion, regardless of how much the customer spends. "That's good enough" isn't in our vocabulary. Although PGW is a new company, the experience of it's employees are not. The employees of PGW come from a legendary family of business owners in the glass industry going back to the 1950s.
Whether it's on a fleet vehicle, luxury car, tugboat, offshore supply vessel, or oil production platform, the opportunity to serve is honored at the highest level of perfection.
The solid growth over the past 6 years means the community is calling out for a refreshing option for glass repair and replacement. That is where PGW answers the call and bridges the gap between problem and solution.
Please see our services to see what we have to offer! You can reach us by calling +1 (985) 537-5520 or using our contact page.